In Search of Summer: June 1

In Search of (a squeaky clean) Summer,
with homemade laundry detergent!
Lately I have been hanging out a lot of, me and my families, laundry outside to dry. If you haven’t ever air dried your clothes or sheets outside, on a hot…or even warm day, you have to! Your clothes smell so good and they come in all nice and warm, AND they even dry faster! This act got me thinking, and lead to me wanting to give homemade laundry detergent a go!
And it totally works!!!
Our clothes smell fresh and they feel so much softer!
Here are the ingredients and the recipe that I used-

2 cups bar soap, grated

I used one bar of Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap;

after it was grated it measured out about 2 cups.

2 cups washing soda (sodium carbonate or soda ash)

This one, I had to track down and I finally found it

at Ace Hardware.

2 cups of borax powder

1-quart boiling water, plus additional 2 gallons.

Add the two cups of grated bar soap to very hot water, but not boiling and stir until all the soap is dissolved. While this is on the stove, I got together all of the dry ingredients and set them aside.

Transfer the soap solution to a clean container and add the borax and washing soda. Stir until these two ingredients are dissolved completely in the dissolved soap mixture. I sifted the dry ingredients in, slowly, so they wouldn’t get all clumpy. That step probably isn’t necessary, but powdery clumps make my OCD act up.

Add an additional two gallons of hot, not boiling, water and continue stirring until the solution is fully mixed. Cover and store the mixture overnight and then it is ready to use! I had one of those Sterilite plastic tubs, on hand, to store the detergent.

A quarter cup of this homemade detergent is enough for a regular load of wash. The mixture will resemble a thick soupy gel while it is stored; I use a plastic ladle to stir and measure the detergent in to the wash. This can also be used to pretreat stains on your clothes! It will not leave your clothes smelling like detergent, they just smell…well…clean! And not to mention it is so much cheaper! I figured out, with my horrendous math skills, that it is about $.08 per load!

Happy laundering!


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4 thoughts on “In Search of Summer: June 1

  1. Me too! My fam wasn't too convinced…at first, but when my sister was folding the laundry she noticed that her shirts and the towels felt softer. I used the detergent as a pre-teater for this teriyaki stain on my white tank and it completely removed it! So, I have absolutely won them over with this laundry detergent!I have two other dry recipes, so I think I am gonna try those out too. One of them is fully dry, but the other is "dry" with some liquid ingredients.

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