I hate breakfast! …that is I hate eating breakfast in the morning. The idea of waking up and then having food-food makes my stomach turn. Usually my breakfast consists of coffee and a cup of yogurt, but sometimes I just love me some pancakes, bacon and orange juice! So breakfast for dinner is the best! I get to eat awesome breakfast food, without feeling nauseous afterward!

On the subject of breakfast foods, I’m not a huge fan of eggs; if I do eat them I only eat the whites. Lately I have been on a huge eggies-in-a-basket kick. I have eaten them for lunch, yes breakfast for lunch, the past two days*. They are easy to make and you can eat them without utensils, woo-hoo less dishes to wash!
All you need is some butter, an egg and a piece of bread. Cut a hole in the middle of the bread, I use a shot glass.

Put it in the pan with melted butter, let the bread soak it up! Wait a little bit, maybe a minute and then add your egg.

A little salt, a little pepper and then wait for the bread to get all toasty and for the egg to cook a bit. Then flip and do the same to the other side. That’s it, how simple is that!?!

Mmm Mmmm Mmmmm! They are so delish and a tad bit addictive!

*Pictures! And yes, this has been day three!

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