Baby Shower

Wow, it’s been a long time and so many life events have taken place!  I quit a job I adored, to start a new one that pays very well and that I…tolerate…  My sister told me, “Welcome to adulthood!”  If this is “adulthood” I don’t think I care for it too much.  (haha)

Last Saturday, me and my sister went and saw an amazing show at the Sergerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa.  We were lucky enough to be dead center, in the 2nd row for AMERICAN IDIOT!  

WOW! What an amazing show and the performances were spectacular!  Being in the front is such a different experience.  Making direct eye contact with the performers it almost seemed, dare I say, intimate.  And I have never seen so many old people at a Rock Opera in my whole life.  And when I say old, I mean OLD like grandmas and grandpas in their 70’s-80’s!

Now on to the Baby Shower; I have 3 cousins expecting baby’s this year.  Two in July and 1 in September!  Me and my sister were privileged enough to be able to throw our sister-cousin (a cousin who is like a sister…not like a sister AND a cousin, that’s kinda gross) a baby shower for her little peanut.  She and her amazing hubby are expecting their little boy on July 9th.  We decided to go with a Mother Goose theme, after finding these amazing vintage cards from Pretty Little Studio.  We spent probably 3 months Cricut-ing, and putting together all the little details.

{Inspired by these adorable cards}

We posted baby pictures of our cousin and her hubby as kids, had Guess How Many items games and played Name the Pregnant Celeb and Baby Gift BINGO.  We also had all the guests bring a book for the baby and everyone filled out a Wishes for Baby Card.

AND the best part…DESSERTS!  We got all of out dessert, except the 2 trifles, from Katella Deli.  Everyone raved about how yummy the cake, mini-cupcakes and french macaroons were.

Enough of all this chit-chat, lets get to all the pictures!  Enjoy!

{Invitation & Mailing Label}

{Welcome Corner; Book for baby and Guess How Many Game}

{Hooray for pregnant cousins! Steph is due in July & Amber in September}

{Simple Center Pieces; dots double as place markers for the BINGO game}

{Steph with her Dad & Mom, Uncle Paul stopped by to see the room all set up}

{Gift Table}

{Prizes; Starbucks Gift Cards & Homemade Sugar Scrub}

{We put the menu on the spine of the books.}



{And her Thank You’s}


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