I was able to hang out with my awesome cousin, Blake, this weekend and we made some Extreme Pancakes for dinner one night.  Now this pancake kit is amazing and has loads of fun ideas for making  pancakes; I mean you can make 3-D pancakes, art pancakes, the possibilities are seriously endless!

Blake loves anything to do with graphic arts or video making and so he made a stop motion photography video of our EXTREME Pancake making experience.

We made an Abraham Lincoln head and a Flying Saucer, in honor of our Mission Tiki Drive-In adventure to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Prometheus. Prometheus was crazy good and A. L. V. H. was surprisingly all right; great graphics, an amazing cast, and surprisingly a good little story line.

The other pancakes are of Snoop D-O-double G and Scooby Doo.  Enjoy!