What I Love Wednesday

Happy Hump-Day everyone!  Okay, so technically every day is my hump day.  I quit my job, which was a huge relief and I am taking 3 classes.  Before I quit, I did manage to buy the cutest pair of sunglasses!  They are supper sassy Kate Spade sunglasses, and I realized how much I adore her brand.  This weeks What I Love Wednesday is dedicated to Kate Spade New York.
Here are those super sassy sunglasses I mentioned!
These are going to be my next purchase…when I am working again, of course.
“Snail” Mail; love this stationery! *
 If I had an iPad, this is the case I would get.  Love the vintage Palm Springs-ish vibe.
 Love this laptop case, super chic.
 Love the Audrey Hepburn eyes!
Oversized Beach Hat, everyone needs to protect their skin from those UVA/UVB rays.
 Love the color palette.
 I have a major weakness for adorable flats.
After I buy those sunglasses, this handbag is my next purchase!!!
All pictures from Nordstrom.
*Picture from Kate Spade
Thanks for stopping by and happy Wednesday!

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