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WILW and this is my 100th post!!!  I am kind of…I mean REALLY exciting about this WILW!  I pretty much have baby fever; there are babies being born all around me!  I have three, yes THREE cousins having babies.  My cousin Beth had her little girl in June, Steph is having her labor induced tomorrow and Amber is due in September.  I have seen two of them stress out over cribs, strollers, bedding…almost everything baby related.  So, while I was helping Steph look for baby things I made a few notes myself and I now know all the major furniture I am going to get, for my future little one.
I am OBSESSED with Stokke products!  Their items are space friendly and they all grow with your little one.  These items are so beyond cool; I am hooked!
First up is the crib! It is oval, easily fits through doors and is on locking wheels, so you can wheel it where ever!
The 1st picture is for 0-6 months
2nd:  for about 6-18 months
 3: 18 months- about 3 years
4: 3-about 10 years
This age bracket depends on the height of the child,
AND after they outgrow the bed it turns into 2 chairs!
 Next up is the changing table.
As you can see the height of the top can be changed and when it’s no longer needed it becomes a desk.
 This high chair is beyond awesome!  I love how you can slide it right up to the table and the baby can sit at the table with the fam, instead of being off to the side.  I also love how it grows and changes with different ages.
 This last product is by far my favorite thing ever!
Here is the basic overview of the different ways the stroller converts.
Here are some different options you can add on.
An umbrella to protect the baby from the sun
A mosquito net
A rain cover
If you live where it snows, this is for you!
This is the Winter Kit.  It has built in muffs for the pushers hands and an insulated cover to protect and keep the baby warm.
Here is it all folded down
There is even a little stand you can get and attach for older siblings to ride on.
How amazing are these products!  They are a little bit pricey, but I think totally worth it!  Head on over to the Stokke website to check out how you can customize all these products.
Happy WILW!
*All pictures are from the Stokke website

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