What I Love Wednesday

Happy WILW!  This week I LOVE little Milo Reid!
This kid is seriously so awesome!  He was born on Thursday, July 19th at 7:40 PM and he is perfect! He did inhale a little poop, before he was born, and so they moved him to NICU and started him on antibiotics and monitored his breathing.  He has been in a regular crib since Sunday and gets to go home on Friday! I can’t wait to cuddle and snuggle with him.  Congrats to my cousin Steph and her hubby Mike on having the coolest baby, on the planet!
Now, on to the “real” WILW.  Lush, I absolutely love love love Lush!  The first time I ever shopped at one I was in Florence, Italy looking for some shampoo.  I switched up my shampoo right before our vacation and one week after using it my hair was not happy.  And that is how Lush became apart of my life.  Here are all of the products I have or have used, and love!
Black Stockings; Body Tint
This gives white legs a hint of color and shimmer
Ro’s Argan; Body Conditioner
Use this in the shower as your last step and rinse off, you will feel so moisturized you won’t know what to do with yourself.  This is by far my favorite product right now, and it smells divine!
It’s Raining Men; Shower Gel (& Shampoo)
I bought this in Italy and I haven’t looked back, it is my go to shower gel.  And it too smells amazing!
I Love Juicy; Shampoo
Great for oily hair.
American Cream; Conditioner
A perfect, light everyday conditioner.  The smell reminds me of someone drinking a vanilla malt at the drive-in.
Veganese; Conditioner
This one is great for everyday use too, and is a little lighter than the American Cream.  This one is also a vegan product.
These next couple item are my favorite travel accessories, they are solid versions of liquid products.
Jumping Jupiter; Solid Shampoo
This one is great for oily hair.
Jungle; Solid Conditioner
This smells like you are in a Caribbean Jungle.
Porridge; Soap
The oatmeal is super soothing and makes your skin feel really soft.
Tiny Hands; Moisturizing Bar
Basically this is a solid lotion, but way more moisturizing!
Ultrablast; Toothy Tabs Toothpaste
These were a little weird at first, but it does clean your teeth well and freshens breath.
Honey Trap; Lip Balm
Honey-licious and soothing for chapped lips.
Mint Julips; Lip Scrub
Who would have known the wonders of a good lip scrub!?  I don’t know how I could have lived so long without this.
Now for my deodorant…  It took a good 3-4 weeks for my arm pits to fully adjust to all natural deodorant and I really think that I sweat less.  I’m not really sure how this is possible, but it is.  I do feel like I have to reapply to keep on smelling “fresh,” but that really doesn’t bother me.
Coconut; Deodorant Powder
I use this sometimes by itself or layered with the Aromaco solid deodorant.  This also can be used anywhere you may want to be dusted .
Aromaco; Solid Deodorant
This one took me a while to get used to, just because I wasn’t a huge fan of patchouli oil.  Surprisingly it didn’t take me a long time to get used to, and I don’t even smell it anymore.
Cupcake; Fresh Face Mask
Amazing chocolate goodness, in mask form, for your face!  Love how fresh these are.
Dream Cream; Body Lotion
Moisture galore!
Fair Trade Foot Lotion
Pepperminty goodness for your tired feet.
These are all of the Lush products I use and can 100% recommend.  Not only do they have brilliant products, they are all natural, have expiration dates and they have loads of Vegan products.  The fresh face mask only last about a week, once you purchase it and most of the other products last about a year.  But don’t worry, you will probably use up all these yummy products before that expiration date comes.
Happy shopping!
*All photos came from the Lush website

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