Baby Shower Number Two

Yes, baby shower number two!  This one was for my cousin Bethany, who lives in Oklahoma.  She and her family came out to California, to visit for a whole week and while they were here we threw her little girl a shower.  Little, and I mean 6 pound 4 ounces eight week old little, Makaila Leanne is really precious.  She was born a month early, Beth was technically full term, and she spent the first few weeks of her life in the NICU.  She is now doing so well and boy does she have a set of lungs on her!  
This shower was so much smaller than Stephanie’s, we had only 24 people instead of about 65.  My Mom wanted everything to be really girlie, with pink, ruffles and lace everywhere.  Everything I made, including all the yummy desserts!  Our budget was super tight, I think we spent the most of our money on food and for the decorations we didn’t have to buy too much.  I started on all the decorations about a week before the shower, and to see it all put together, was such a joy.  I loved the way everything turned out.  And without further ado, here are the pictures.

The doily banner- 
We found the doilies at the 99¢ Store and we already had the pink paper for the letters.
The ruffle streamers & tissue flower- 
The streamers were made from a pink plastic table cloth.  The table cloth and tissue paper came from The Dollar Tree.
It was so hot that week!  It was in the 90’s and we don’t have any air conditioning, so it was blazing in our house.  Because of the heat we kept the food simple.  There was chicken salad sandwiches, salad, chips, veg tray with dip and fruit salad, the last two weren’t on the table when the picture was taken.

This is my “niece” Bella, and she helped set up the dessert table.

I didn’t get a picture, but we served water and pink lemonade!
Here again are the tablecloth streamers and a tissue flower.

I made 5 larger tissue paper flowers and the doily lantern.
The tissue paper came from The Dollar Tree and the doilies I already had.
 The light decor with the lights on, I think it turned out really pretty.
The Backyard

The tables outside!
The tablecloths came from the 99¢ Store, and the plastic doilies I already had.
The coffee filter flowers; the only thing bought were the coffee filters and those came from The Dollar Tree.
The tea-light holders are made with pink tulle and a “pearl” garland, all of which I already had on hand.  And I used those LED tea-lights, so the tulle wouldn’t catch on fire.

And for the best part, the desserts!
Bella set the table and put all the Vanilla Wafers on top of the Banana Pudding Trifle, she is such a great little helper.

And a close up!  I made all of these yummy desserts.

This was a white cake, with a sliced strawberry filling and buttercream frosting.
Oatmeal Cream Pies, the cream was starting to melt it was so hot!

Pink almond shortbread cookies.  They look like little flowers, don’t you think?  And it wasn’t even intentional.

And the Thank You’s.  
My sister bought personalized hot pink M & M’s, with Makaila’s name on them and she put in baby pink and white jelly beans with them.  The little pink and white polka dot boxes came from The Dollar Tree.

Overall I thought it turned out really cute and everyone had a wonderful time.  Throwing a shower is so much more fun when it is on a smaller scale.  I feel that I was able to put more of a personal touch on everything.  And with this shower I was actually able to sit, relax and enjoy the evening with my family.


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