What I Love Wednesday


Mark Michaelson had a book published, in 2009, called Least Wanted.  It’s 300 pages of a century of United States mug shots.  I spent over 3 hours, the other night, scouring through his Flickrs Least Wanted photostream, looking at all of the different mug shots and art that he has posted.  The sad thing is this book is no longer in production…I think.  You can buy a new copy on Amazon for about $120, so that is why I am assuming it is no longer in production.
Here are some of the mug shots that I found intriguing and wish I knew the backstory of.
Love the outfit and hat, 1899 hotel thief.
She is not a happy camper, 1961.
This is the same woman, the first two were taken in 43 and the last in 44.
 There are handful of this type mug shot, one at arrest and then once in prison.
He looks so broken.
 These are Gypsy fortune tellers from 1934.
AND we are having an earthquake*, right now! 
 These are “Glamourous Models” AKA call girls, from 1953
So young.


His signature is great.


Hair and eyebrows


I wonder how much hairspray she had to use to get her hair to stay like that.
 She is from Chicago, 1910.
If you have time, head on over to his Flickr photostream.
There are 117 pages of more brilliant mug shots!
Have a wonderful week and happy birthday to my DAD!!  Love you Dad!
*Earthquake was centered in Yorba Linda and it was only a 4.1
**All images taken from Least Wanted Flickr photostream









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