No Sluts Allowed

Every year we have a little family gathering on Halloween and hand out candy to all the adorable trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood.  I’m not sure when all of the adult, female Halloween costumes became so whore-ish, but it seems like that is all that is available.  And I for one do not want to look like a slut in front of my family or the kids who I am giving candy to.  As I have been scouring the internet for costume ideas, I came across the greatest blog…ever, Disney Bound; “where fashion geeks and Disney nerds collide!”  Leslie takes a Disney character and creates an outfit, with real clothes, to resemble said character.  It! Is! AMAZING!  Me and my sister spent almost 2 hours straight looking through her Polyvore account and there are so many fabulous ideas and creations.
After hours of deliberation, we decided I would be either Sid or Buzz Lightyear and my sister is going to be Woody, from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story.  I am leaning more towards Sid, mainly because I only need to buy a shirt.
How cute are these outfits and I love that you can wear most of the pieces any day, not just on Halloween.
Here are a few other teams that we loved just as much!
Pain and Panic, from Disney’s Hercules.
Alice and the Cheshire Cat, from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.
Snow White and the Evil Queen, from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
I love these “costumes” because they are well thought out, put together and one will not look even the slightest bit like a skank.  If you are a Disney fan, like myself, you are going to flip out while looking at this site!  Check out Leslie’s Disney Bound Tumblr account and her Polyvore site, to find out where each item can be purchased.
Which look is your favorite?
*All images are from Disney Bound, on Tumblr

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