Baby Boy

On October 19th my cousin Stephanie’s little boy, Milo Reid, will be 3 months old.  I have written about him in a post before and me and my sister threw him one of his baby showers; he is the coolest baby on the planet.  He is so laid back and happy and he has started to laugh when you talk to him; his little personality is really starting to emerge.  Just like for Leila Rose, I have put together outfits for him and I think they would get his Daddy’s seal of approval…well most of them anyway.  I tried to keep them not too preppy or stuffy.  Hope you like them!
Milo Reid
I love the colors and stripes, and this one probably won’t get the Seal of Approval (SoA, not to be confused with SOA, Sons of Anarchy).
MR 7
This sweatshirt is so much fun and I love the little peek-a-boo raccoon pirate.
MR 6
Monsters, music and skate shoes, what could be any better?!
MR 5
MR 5 by melissard featuring h&m
Love the little lumber jack look, minus the boots. May not get the SoA.
MR 4
A purple onsie, definitely will not get the SoA, but I love this laid back look anyway.
MR 3
I am obsessed with this plaid hoodie, and I love the touch of red on the cuff of the jeans.
MR 2 Happy Halloween
We love Halloween, we even have a yearly Cousins Halloween Disneyland trip. October 22nd will be Milo’s very first Disneyland trip and I can’t wait to spend the day with him and these little onsies will get the SoA for sure.
MR 8
This shirt is my favorite!
MR 9
MR 9 by melissard featuring knit tops
This cardigan from H & M is amazing, I like it with a gray shirt or even a red one, with jeans or cords.
MR 10
This will get Milo’s Daddy’s SoA indeed!  This “POW” sweatshirt is awesome, who wouldn’t love the vintage Batman vibe.
MR 11
MR 11 by melissard featuring a knit shawl
Perfect autumn, pumpkin patch, apple picking look.
MR 12
I worked at a preschool for a while and this little boy would wear news boy hats everyday, I thought of him when I found this cap.  Love it paired with the faux suspender and tie onsie.
MR 13
I love this chunky  cardigan paired with this Batman onsie and a pair of  kick ass Vans or Converse.
Which look do you love?
Do you incorporate your style into your kids clothing or do you think outside of the box?
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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