Shame on You Yoplait!

** Update ** 22 Sept 2013 **

This case has been settled, and to Marla’s liking.  I am glad that there was resolution, in this horrible case!

** Original Post **

It is so shameful when a big company like Yoplait feels like it is necessary to use an image, from a blogger and claim it as their own; without the owners consent.  There is only one word for that, THEFT!  Marla Meridith of Family Fresh Cooking, in April 2012, wrote a beautiful post about Spring Flower Popsicles. Yoplait thought it was okay to steal an image, from that post, crop it and place their watermark on it.  DISGRACEFUL!  We need to send them a message that thievery is NOT TOLERATED!

Please re-blog, share, like, or create your own post, to let Yoplait know that the blogging community will not let this stand.  Thank you!!

Marla Meridith’s Image (This was taken from her Facebook page)

Marla Meridith; Family Fresh Cooking

Yoplait’s STOLEN Image (This was taken from their Facebook page)

Yoplait Stole this picture!

***Neither of these images are mine.  BOTH are technically the property of Marla Meridith and NOT Yoplait.***


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