Los Angeles Wednesday’s

Another LA Wednesday has come and gone.  I was hoping to get up there a bit more often this summer, but it looks like only a few trips will happen.  This past Wednesday we ventured off into Downtown Los Angeles.  I vaguely remember going there, years ago, to visit FIDM, and it wasn’t nearly has happening as it is now.  DTLA is filled with a much younger crowd, which is awesome!, along with the older gentlemen shuffling from building to building.  The architecture is stunning, and my cousin said it kind of reminded him of New York, without the smell.  We strolled along the streets, visited an amazing book store, rode on Angels Flight and got kicked out of an exclusive club; the building was just too amazing and not going in would have been a crime!  It is so nice to see the revitalization of Downtown; they are trying to transition it to be a walkable, livable city.  If my job were in LA, I would snatch up an apartment in a heartbeat.  I am particularly fond of the Pegasus Apartments on Flower.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Until next time.

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