Road Trippin’ It

This summer I went on my first official road-trip, as an adult.  My sister and I made our journey from Los Angeles to the Hill Country of Texas.   We started our 20 hour journey, along highway 10 and our first stop was Tombstone, Arizona.  Tombstone was just as I had imagined it, in all its kitschy glory.  We arrived around 7:30 PM and everything was already closed for the night, with the exception of Big Nose Kate’s Saloon.  That night we took part in the Ghost Tour at the Birdcage Theater.  It is filled with antiques and is supposedly haunted.  We had a small tour group, 10 of us total, and it consisted of a tour along with a lights out EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session.  The night was ideal for ghost hunting!  A lightening storm was on the horizon, we had bouts of rain and a major windstorm.  The building, built in 1881, would shake and creak; it was absolutely perfect.  We took close to 300 pictures of the theater and unfortunately we didn’t capture anything.  I don’t believe in Orbs and the building is so dusty I wouldn’t be able to definitively say it was something paranormal.  We did experience hearing some footsteps, though.  Also, while me and my sister were downstairs, in a tiny room filled with merchandise, a single door hanger was swinging back and forth violently and all of the other door hangers on the spinning rack were completely still, including the one directly behind it.  That downstairs room doesn’t have air and we weren’t even standing by that rack, our backs were turned looking at the pictures on the wall.  It was insane!  The next morning we walked around the quiet street and had breakfast.  Just a fyi, nothing there opens before 10 AM.  The one shop that was open said everything closes early and opens late, because it is a town full of drunks.  We had a bit of a laugh, but I don’t really think she was kidding.  Although we didn’t get to go into the OK Corral or into any other museum, we had a great time.  If you are planning on stopping by, 1 full day is plenty to see and do everything in the town.

Our 2nd day on the road consisted of a full day of driving.  We continued down the 10, with a slight detour to the Prada structure outside of Marfa, Texas.  We filled up in Van Horn, as soon as we exited the hwy and our next photo-op was at Prada Marfa, a structure built by two artists in the middle of nowhere.  We lucked out and two other girls were there too!  We  had a chat and took each others pictures and we were on our way.  We drove through Marfa and then through Alpine, on our way back to the 10.  Another fyi, if you take this stretch of hwy, fill up in Alpine!  Since we had almost a full tank, as we entered Alpine, we chose not to fill up and we barely made it to the next gas station, with about 7 miles to spare.  The rest of our drive through Texas was in the pitch darkness of the night and we arrived in Hill Country around 1 AM.

Our favorite drive to Texas was when we were off of the 10 and on the 90 and 67.  There was no speed limit posted, only when getting close to Marfa and Alpine, we learned how awesome cruise control is, and the two lane roads were empty.  We would pass a car every 45 minutes or so and it was so eerie being the only car on the road for miles and miles.

Here are some pictures from our road trip to Hill Country, Texas.

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Next time, homeward bound on Route 66!


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