2014, Let’s Do This!

2014 is going to be amazing!  Yes, I am putting all kinds of fabulous vibes and wishes out there and I just know that this year is going to rock.  It definitely has started of with a bit of a bang.  I decided to take an intersession math class, and I do not know what I was thinking.  It is so intense and for the past week I’ve put in at least 8 hours EVERYDAY!  Never again!  Looking on the bright side, I only have about 3 weeks left.  I don’t really ever make a New Year’s resolution, and if I do they are dropped by week 2.  This year I figured what the heck, let’s do this.  I have a bunch of things I want to accomplish, this new year, and so here we go.

My personal goals for this year (in no particular order);

-Learn to sew

-Garden more

-Lose weight

-Live more naturally

-Finish my undergrad classes

-Find a church

-Travel more


Now goals for my blogging life;

-By the end of the year have 300 followers

-Host at least one giveaway

-Post more about my travels

-Post more consistently on this blog, and also on Target Hits the Mark


All of these are so attainable and I can’t wait to see what this year holds.  Thank you all for tagging along, with me, on this journey.




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