Spring Gardening

Audie's Alchemy // CA SunriseSeriously, how gorgeous is that sunrise.  I may be partial, but Southern California really does have the best sunrises and sunsets.  Now that that is out of the way, we can talk about gardening.  A couple of years ago we (we as in my sister and I) planted a garden, but we were too overwhelmed by weeds and the crazy amount of time it took to try and keep it weed free.  This year we wised up and placed thick brown paper bags underneath the weed block sheets.  Hopefully this will help keep the weeds at bay all season and keep our ground nice a moist.  Knock on wood, so far so good!  The garden has been planted for about a month and the weeds have been minimal.

We started our gardening experience by making a list of things we wanted to plant and where we were going to plant them.  We tried to companion garden, this year, and it is tricky.  I searched all different gardening websites and blogs, only to find contradicting information.  There are a couple of sources that I checked and counter-checked to make sure the plants would benefit each other.  We did run into some companion planting issues when it came to our beans and peppers.  There are 2 pepper plants about a foot away from the beans, so we will see how they grow and if any issues will arise.  Here are some sites that help when figuring out which plants are beneficial to one another.  Now that we kind of know what to expect I can’t wait to nail it next spring!

2Spring2014This is our rough, not to scale, layout.  There weren’t any Poppies or Marigolds, at our local nursery, so we got a mix of butterfly, bee and hummingbird friendly flowers.    We have 6 tomato plants, 2 tamatillos, 6 beans, 6 broccoli, 6 cauliflower, 4 bell peppers (a variety), 6 hot peppers (a variety), 2 cilantro, 2 yellow squash, 2 zucchini, 1 cucumber, 1 Peter Pan squash, 6 white corn, 6 yellow corn, 12 yellow onion, and 6 watermelon.  Phew!  A lot right!?  Everything is growing beautifully, and our organic garden is on it’s way to producing copious amounts of veg.

 Waiting to be planted!

Audie's Alchemy // The GardenThe garden.  Sorry, it was really hard to get a shot of the whole thing.

Audie's Alchemy // The Garden

I am slightly obsessed with our handmade trellis for the beans.  It is just three poles, some cheap floral wire and twine.  The vines crawl up the twine, and it makes it so easy to move the vines around when harvesting.  This is the 2nd season we have used the poles, and it takes up a minimal amount of space when storing.

If anyone has any tips to keep bugs away, or any thoughts on companion planting I would love to hear from you.

Happy Spring!



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