Stop Teen Trafficking

Two days ago a Facebook friend posted a voicemail her friend recieved from Downey Unified School District in Downey, CA.   The message is brief, but very impactful.

Today, my  friend found this outside her home in Paramount, California.

Stop Teen Trafficking

If you live in Bellflower, Lakewood, Downey, Paramount, or surrounding cities PLEASE pass this on to the people you know.  It is our job to keep our teens safe.

Here is the link to the NBC News page, with an article on the issue by Brittany Bade.


It is also important to get our city managers and directors involved.  Here are links to several city halls in the area.

Downey, CA

Paramount, CA

Bellflower, CA

Lakewood, CA

Thank you to all of those who are spreading the word, about this work scam.



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9 thoughts on “Stop Teen Trafficking

  1. As a private security officer I see this stuff all the time where I work (in Ontario, CA). Not too far. Any resources or info on how we can help fight this?

    1. I have been keeping an eye out for any updates from Downey City Hall, but no new info has come through. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any organization that helps the Long Beach, Lakewood, Bellflower, Downey areas.
      This site has information on reporting, and volunteering and they are based in Orange County.
      Polaris links you to different states and counties and also has information on Teen Trafficking laws.

      If I find out any new information I will definitely let everyone know.

      1. Good to know. This post has already been reshared by some friends of mine on Facebook after I posted it. I pass this info along as well. Thank you!

  2. Not all of these flyers are corrupted. I myself have worked in the teen job industries for the past year. I have been making pretty good money for my age. Never have I seen and student victimized or harassed. I have met with other students in other crews and none have had any issues with their job employees or employers.

    1. I am glad that you have not seen anything suspicious, but when the police get involved it raises questions about how safe these “jobs” are for the teens in our communities. The amount of money they are offering, gets the teens attention, and draws them into something that can potentially be a dangerous situation. I work for a school district, I have to have some college education for my position, and do not make $300 per week. That alone alarms me. Thank you for posting your opinion on the situation.

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