Etsy Favorites; California Edition

DutchDoorDutch Door, from San Francisco, has amazing stationery and a few textiles.  I love the limited edition Birds & States series.CardtorialBased in Irvine, CA Cardtorial makes absolutely stunning journals and cards from real wood.  The journals are so pretty and I am a card keeper, so the beautiful birthday cards are the prefect keepsake.  PetitePaperieTrabuco Canyon shop, Petite Paperie creates vinatge inspired stationery and downloadable printouts.  StudioMucciI love Los Angeles and Studio Mucci‘s LA based studio makes tassels, tassels, and more tassles!  They are all spectacular and would be perfect for any party, or bedroom decor.TwinkleLittleStarfishTwinkle Little Starfish is based out of Huntington Beach and specialize in baby cloth accesories.  I love their pattern pairing and the selection of modern prints.  I don’t have any babies, but I am a little obsessed with their Mr. Fox line.IlluminatedPerfumeAnother gem from LA is Illuminated Perfume.  Roxana makes eco friendly solid and liquid perfumes.  If you aren’t sure of your signature scent, there is a sample pack (pictured above) with several different scents.

These are just of few of my favorite Etsy shops, based in California.  Next time, I will be featuring shops from Texas.

**All images come from each shops Etsy account**


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