Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina

Where the Civil War began, Fort Sumter.  The dock to the infamous site, is at the shoreline in Liberty Square.  Located in the beautiful Charleston Harbor, this National Monument has artifacts and some replicas in the different exhibits on the mainland and on the island.  On the site of the actual fort, there are the original flags that were raised in the 1860’s.  The 1st flag that was raised, when the Confederate troops took control, was the Palmetto Guard Flag.  It was then replaced by the Confederate Stars and Bars, along with the American Flag.  There is plenty to read and see to make your brief time on the island fly by.  This site is a must see for history or war aficionados, and I would suggest going on a clear day, with no rain in the forecast.  While we were there they had to close the top level, because lightening was seen in the distance.  It started of blue and clear, and the sky quickly turned and we had downpours of rain, lightening and thunder.  Nothing like a good ole southern rain storm!


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