Bibliophile #5

Back in January I joined a little group of readers, and we chose twelve different books that we personally wanted to read this year.  There were different categories, and you had to choose a book accordingly.  I was always hesitant on being in a book club, mainly because I am kind of a picky reader.  If I am not pulled in by page 60, then it is a no go!  But with this book club, I was able to pick books I am interested in.  And I am almost done, with only 2 books to go. Woo-hoo!  Here are the twelve that I picked.

One book that I hadn’t read since I was a teenager was, Brave New World.  I had forgotten all about the sexual themes and vulgar language in the book and I was surprised we had to read in high school.  Assemblyline lives, psychological manipulation, in a dystopian state.  This nearly banned book, was a great one to revisit as an adult.

I love the Outlander series and I used Voyager and Drums of Autumn to fill in two different categories; a place I’d like to visit and has a character with a friend’s name.  If you love adventure, time travel, romance, and drama this series is for you!

A non-fiction book that was set in an era I liked to visit, was The Invention of Murder.  It is super dense, but really clever and informative.  Overall a fun read, if you like true stories of murder and scandal.

I found a 1940’s copy of The Iliad, at a used book store, and it worked out perfectly for that category.  I read it while taking a course on Greek art and Mythology, talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Library of Souls, was a great conclusion to the Miss Peregrine series.  Were you able to see the film yet?  I thought Tim Burton did a great job at bringing the quirky characters to life.

I read my signed copy of The Last Unicorn, to fill the option of a book with an animal as a main character.  If you have seen the animated film, it is extremely similar!  As I was reading it, I knew what the characters were going to say next, because I have seen the movie sooooo many times!  And being able to meet Peter S. Beagle was truly a special treat and he is the nicest guy.

A recommended book by another author, is Encyclopedia of the Exquisite.  Witty, and filled with everyday items you didn’t know you needed to know about.  A fun super fast read.

Simon Pegg, one of my favorite “things!”  I read his book, and a Christmas present from my sister, to cover that category.  I love everything Simon Pegg, if he is in a film I will see it.  If he writes a book, I will read it.  And the book happened to be hilarious, so that was even better.

I read The Awakening, a book that is over 100 years old. I understand why so many colleges have this book in their curriculum.  Written by Kate Chopin, who did a beautiful and heartbreaking job, of dealing with women’s issues of the time without being the least bit condescending.  She focuses on class, gender roles, solitude and how an unorthodox thinker finds her place in the conservative South.

My last two books are The Girl on the Train, a book with a movie adaptation, and Ethan Frome, a books that takes place during my favorite season.

Have you read any of my picks?  I also love a good book series!  Any suggestions?



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