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The Hill of Tara in County Meath, Ireland is one of the largest Celtic monuments in Europe.  Now government owned, it is a beautiful 100 acre area of land that is free to visit.  Known as the seat of the High King of Ireland, this was a very sacred site.  It was known as a place of the gods, a place where kings were crowned, where St. Patrick met with the pagans, and where political uprisings took place.  Walking down the Ráith na Ríogh, as many a king did, was quite surreal.  Here is an aerial view of the Hill of Tara taken from the Newgrange and Hill of Tara Tours site, by the wonderful Mary Gibbons.  Her tour is full of wonderful information, and my sister and I were lucky enough to be on the tour as Mary’s brother, archaeologist Michael Gibbons, came along.  Hill of TaraThe day my sister and I visited was very cloudy, but beautiful nonetheless.  I hope with this aerial view, you have a better understanding of the pictures taken from the ground.