Bibliophile | Book Challenge 2017

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year!  With this new year, comes a new reading challenge.  I did my first book club challenge last year, and I loved it so much. So, when my little book club’s coordinator, Amanda, suggested we do it again I was completely thrilled.  She gets the challenge from Bethany House and passes it along to us.  Here is this years challenge.  Bethany House's 2017 Reading Challenge

Once I got the requirements, I scrolled through my Amazon Wish List and I was so surprised that all of the books I would like to read fit into each category.  The only one I am kind of torn on is Animal Farm.  I may read Moby Dick instead, because I am slightly obsessing over Nantucket right now.  So here they are, the 12 books that I am committed to reading this year.  You can also join me on Goodreads, where I post what I am currently reading.  Bethany House's 2017 Reading Challenge | My Reading ListHave you ever done a reading challenge before?  What are some of your favorite reads?  I always love a good book suggestion!


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2 thoughts on “Bibliophile | Book Challenge 2017

  1. I love reading challenges! This year my focus is really heavily on non-fiction so most of the traditional reading challenges I’ve come across won’t fit because my reading list is so specific lol

    1. I love non-fiction! The Glass Castle is the only non-fiction book, on this list, but I do want to read In the Company of Woman and I’ll Drink to That, sometime this year. The reading challenge I did last year, was through Bethany House also, but I was able to read a couple of non-fiction books that fit into each catagory.

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