Natchez Trace Parkway

The exploration of Tennessee has begun!  My Mom, sister and I took the leap and moved from Southern California to Nashville, about 3 1/2 weeks ago, and now that everything is unpacked and put in it’s place we can finally get out and explore!

Our first adventure was driving along, most of, the Tennessee Natchez Trace Parkway.  The parkway spans from Tennessee, Alabama to Mississippi.  The Old Trace was used by Native Americans, settlers, future presidents and soldiers off to war.  While on the trail, you can go through around 10,000 years of history and there are even 2 original buildings, from the 1800’s, you can see.  One being the Gordon House, that was built around 1812.  Not only is it a beautiful drive, the Trace is filled with early American History.  I can’t wait to go in the Fall, when all of the leaves are turning.

Today the Trace can be driven, it is a designated bicycle path, it can be hiked, and explored on horseback.  We drove around 50 miles of the Trace, and stopped at Historic Markers, waterfalls, bridges, creeks, a Tobacco Farm, and the Gordon House.  There are restrooms and picnic tables all along the Trace, so bring a picnic lunch.  Also, this 50 miles, with stopping, can take all day or just a few hours, depending on how long you want to be at each location.  Hiking shoes, are probably a good idea, especially if you want to hike further into each location.  I wore a pair of Vans and they were perfect for the walking and little bit of hiking we did.  If you are ever in the Nashville area, this is a wonderful free activity to consider.



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