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Walking through the Nashville City Cemetery, is like walking through the history of Nashville itself.  This cemetery, that dates back to 1820, has founders, doctors, politicians, African Americans, soldiers, and Nashvillian families buried here.  Restorations and preservation has taken place throughout the years, but it wasn’t until 2006 that the city leaders began to seriously restore the cemetery.  To help bring awareness to the needs of the Nashville City Cemetery there are events and group tours available, or you can just go and walk around at your leisure; there are brochures available to guide you.  The next event is the 18th Annual Memorial Day Dash, with all proceeds going to help continue to restore this nationally recognized historic place. If you can’t make it to the run, you can always donate.  You can donate to The Big Payback, which will help get more sheep to take care of the weeds and grass in the cemetery.  Not only is this economical and environmentally friendly, the sheep don’t damage the headstones, like our modern gardening tools can.

I love old cemetery’s and can’t wait to explore the other ones, around the Nashville area.