Franklin and Carnton

One of my favorite towns in Tennessee, is Franklin.  It is a fast growing community, that prides itself in its history and small town feel.  Throughout the year, it hosts many different festivals and crafting fairs; my favorite is the 4th of July festivities.

One of my favorite locations, in Franklin, is Carnton.  Carnton, is one of of two historic homes, that are apart of The Battle of Franklin Trust.  The Battle of Franklin Trust helps preserve, educate and understand the people that would be affected by the Civil War.  The Battle of Franklin, a Civil War battle, was fought on the beautiful fields in Franklin.  Just to state the significance of the Battle, 2,000 soldiers lost their lives; compared to the 1,465 killed on D-Day, in WWII.  The total killed, wounded, missing and captured during the Battle of Franklin totaled 10,000, while the total on D-Day was 6,603.  So it was quite a significant battle, during the Civil War.

Carnton, was at the heart of the battle.  It was used as a hospital, and it was filled with 100’s of wounded and dying, for a prolonged period of time.  The house still has the blood stained floors, from surgeries, amputations and those who were seriously wounded. Tours, by knowledgeable guides, are available daily and they give a detailed account of what the McGavock family went through.  There is a beautiful garden, that is often host to weddings, and a cemetery.  The cemetery contains the remains of the McGavock family and thousands of Civil War soldiers.

If you are ever in the Nashville area, Franklin is a short 25 minute drive away and makes for a lovely little day trip.  The Franklin Visitor Center, has information on both the Carnton and Carter House, along with the Lotz House.  You can also check out my Food page, for some of my favorite places to eat in TN.






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