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Atlanta is just a few hours away, from our place in Nashville, and when my cousin was visiting, my sister and I thought it would be fun to head to the ATL.  As young girls, we visited the World of Coca-Cola, and we were excited to go back.  A lot had changed, since the 1990’s, but they still had the tasting room,with the really gross soda from Italy.

The World of Coca-Cola, has 130+ years of Coca-Cola history on display.  As you make your way through the different rooms, you can see the evolution of Coke and the impact it has had on Pop Culture.  My favorite section, besides the Taste It! room, was the Milestones of Refreshment room.  The 1880’s soda fountain bar is very pretty, and it helped set the stage to what it would have been like, when the first Coke was poured into a glass. At the end of this room, you can see how large this company is and where their products are located all around the world.

Speaking of world, my second favorite room is the Taste It! room!  Here you can sample as much as your heart desires, or your stomach can take. They have Coke products from around the world and there are little cups to take. Then you just have to get in line and start sampling away.  Almost all of them are really good…but I am definitely not a fan of Beverly, from Italy.  It is very bitter, kind of like grapefruit rind,  and maybe that is why it was discontinued, in 2009.

The World of Coca-Cola has something for everyone, and can be enjoyed by the littles to elder visitors.  I would suggest not letting the littles drink much, if any, in the tasting room. But, to each his own.  It is also really crowded!  We went first thing in the morning, and it was almost impossible to get a picture without anyone in it.  Overall, it was a fun day, in a beautiful building, with amazing company.  If you are ever in Atlanta, take advantage of all that Pemberton Place has to offer.




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