Fromagerie Belle Chèvre

About an hour and a half south of Nashville, lies goat cheese heaven; Fromagerie Belle Chèvre.  Belle Chèvre has been featured by O, Real Simple, Southern Lady, Southern Living, and they have won more than 100 national awards, for the delicious goat cheese.

My Mom, sister, and I made reservations to tour the factory.  The factory tour includes some history of the company and it’s owner, a cheese tasting, viewing the packaging process, and seeing some adorable goats!  We lucked out, and they had baby goats that were only a few weeks old.  They were so cute, and I definitely think I need a couple of goats in my life!  After our tour, and tasting, we had lunch at their flagship storefront.  There they offer a variety of sandwiches, layered with Belle Chèvre goat cheese, chips, soda, and goat milk ice cream.  I ended up eating the Classic Bologna sandwich, with the original spreadable Chèvre goat cheese.  It was amazing, and the artisan veal bologna was delicious.  We also shared the Mixed Berry ice cream, which is made with goat milk and goat cheese, marbled with blueberries and strawberries.  In the store, they also sell Belle Chèvre goat cheeses and cheesecake, and goat milk soaps and lotions.

If you ever see any of the Belle Chèvre products, in your local grocer, buy one of everything!   My favorite breakfast cheeses are the Honey, and the Fig. Out of the artisan cheeses, I really loved the Greek Kiss disc, and the Southern Belle disc.  All of their dips are so good, especially the Bacon Jalapeño dip. Seriously, every item that we tasted was so good!  And if you are ever in Alabama, or Nashville, set some time aside for a fun little day trip to visit Fromagerie Belle Chèvre in Elkmont, AL.


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